Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect – 1

Considering it is the Light of Muhammad that provides the reason for existence of all creation, it is impossible to do justice, solely through these humble words, to a life so unique and unblemished, of a man honored as My Beloved by the Creator. Still, there await countless benefits for each and every person, depending on aptitude, in nonetheless attempting to narrate the life of the Blessed Prophet pbuh and pass on his characteristics to new generations. Thus we will consider ourselves honored, if through this work, we are able to receive so little as a glimpse of the exceptional character of the Prophet pbuh and to emulate his great morals. Let it be known that we are far from making the absurd claim to have understood and explained the Noble Prophet pbuh as befits him. With respect to the magnificence of the Messenger of Allah pbuh, our words should much rather be taken like a flimsy ray of light that pierces through a punctured felt covering a lamp. Allah, glory unto Him, declares.

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Erkam Yayinlari


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